PRESCHOOL SERVICES (2 1/2 - 5 years)

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The first preschool class is for 2-1/2 to young 3 year olds. Often this is a transition from a home setting or a Toddler program. In this educational setting, our highly trained staff creates a safe and loving environment where the children are encouraged to experience and explore the world around them. The teachers are sensitive to each child's needs, developmental level and personality. Many choices of activities are offered along with projects designed to develop the skills appropriate for this age level. The activities include playing with blocks and other manipulatives, art, cooking, library, and outdoor play. These activities begin to explore colors, shapes, textures, counting and letters, as well as other activities that promote the 'whole child.' We provide interest centers to aid in the educational process, and believe that play is a crucial aspect of each child's development.

The older 3 year olds and young 4 year olds become more expressive, creative and curious. The program is full of opportunities for growth, with times for group activities, as well as fun and interesting hands-on projects. We use art, reading, simple science experiments, cooking, dramatic play, story telling, music and movement, and group games and activities to develop language skills, math concepts, reading readiness, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Many times themes are used to focus the different activities. The children develop better socialization and communication skills through role-playing, make-believe, and participation in group settings.

Pre-kindergarten furthers the learning process with a quality program full of challenges and fun. This age group develops more self-confidence and feelings of independence. The children have more energy, and the teachers help to channel this into more active playtime. The teachers promote more advanced language development, using questioning, explaining, interacting, listening, reasoning, and early phonics. More complex science and math activities stimulate the child's curiosity and awareness of the world around him/her, using counting, distance, classification, problem solving, and music/movement. The teachers constantly monitor cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills so each individual child may progress at his/her own best level.

Ready, Set, Go! For information on our new accelerated Pre-kindergarten program click here.

In addition, extra-curricular activities are available to preschoolers, including gymnastics, swimming and dance.

Summer Preschool is busy and fun and focuses on weekly themes, such as 'dinosaurs', 'around the world,' and 'sports.' The day will include art projects, sensory activities, cooking projects, reading and music too! Outdoor time and free play are also an essential part of your preschooler's day. We have water play twice a week and exciting field trips once a week.

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