TODDLERS SERVICES (12 months - 2 1/2 years)


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Toddlers are working on becoming autonomous. Our staff at Junior Academy Children’s Centers respects this and allows opportunities for the child to be responsible and to make choices. The teacher sets limits that are fair and consistent. Our teachers, with patience, warmth and respect, redirect toddlers to help guide them in controlling their impulses and behaviors. An important aspect of our program is to provide frequent, positive interaction between children and teachers, as well as between children.

The teachers recognize that directed play times are important moments to help children learn about themselves and others. Circle time encourages the toddler to become more aware of his surroundings, using activities such as reading, finger plays, and music and movement. An early childhood educator views play as valuable, and facilitates opportunities during the day, so that children stay interested and move from simple to more complex aspects of play. The environment allows the children to choose activities and respects their need for ample time to use and reuse activities, because repeated experiences foster competence. The teachers create and adapt the environment and activities to meet the children’s individual needs from day to day.

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