Good Morning Heidi!

Here is a demo for a “single site” map that doesn’t take up the whole page – this is the address for ‘Imagination Station’. You can click on the map to open up a new tab and get a larger view.

I really like this for the “individual” pages. However, I think it’s still a great idea to have the big maps for when someone is searching for “District 11 Locations” or “Toddler Locations”.

In talking to Robert he told me that looking for “District 11 Locations” and “Toddler Locations” were the two biggest questions they would get asked (this was before the last rewrite, which is why we have the maps the way they are now). Getting the larger map with multiple locations is what you get when you google something like “colorado springs childcare”, see this link: colorado springs childcare google results

I could have written this in an email but thought it would be neat to leave you a message on the web page!

Let me know what you think about the concept of the map on the left, like it is here.

Have a great day!