Children’s early years are a time of great potential, and toddlers are primed to learn.  So many of the building blocks of intellect and social skills begin with all of the connections made in Toddlerhood.  The experienced staff at Junior Academy guides our toddlers to help to shape how they learn and relate to the world.  The time, attention, and affection our staff provides toddlers help them learn, communicate, and gain so many valuable skills.   At Junior Academy we offer developmentally appropriate experiences and respect children’s need for ample time to use and reuse activities, because repeated experiences develop competence.  Toddlers need to explore, discover, practice, and learn by enjoying the many educational opportunities during the day.  We understand that the whole day matters and that learning occurs in every experience.  We understand in the life of a toddler no part of the day is less valuable than the others, and enrich every learning opportunity.  Toddler teachers know it is possible to move and learn at the same time!