Frequently Asked Questions

What age children do you accept and does my child have to be toilet trained?
Junior Academy Children’s Centers accept children ages twelve months (at specific locations) through 12 years old. It is our policy to evaluate each child individually for his/her specific needs at the time of enrollment.

Toilet training will be different for each child, and Junior Academy Children’s Centers believe that each child should be allowed to progress at their own pace. We work with the families to ensure that all needs are met. Diapers are checked and changed routinely, using gloves to ensure the health of all the children

What are your hours of operation?
Junior Academy Children’s Centers have many different types of sites and programs. Therefore, depending on which location you choose, the hours will vary anywhere from a 5:45 a.m. opening to a 6:30 closing. Contact that site for more information.
Do I need to make an appointment to visit your center?
All of our sites have an open door policy.  As long as a member of the staff is available you may visit and tour at any time.  At the preschool facilities it is best to avoid nap time so that you are able to see the room in “action”.  Nap time is around 12:00 (Toddlers) and 1:00 until 2:30 each day for the other children.
How do I enroll my child?
You may call or preferably stop into the facility of your choice to tour, and talk with the teachers and directors.  There are five things that will need to be done for your child to attend the facility.

  1. We will need all pages of the enrollment form completed.
  2. We will need a copy of your child’s most current immunization (shot) record.
  3. We will need the Enrollment Fees, which are Non-Refundable. (Payment of this fee will guarantee the “space” for your child.)
  4. We will need a physical signed by your physician within the first 30 days of enrollment (immediately for Toddlers).
  5. On-Sites need the conduct policy signed and in the child’s file. preschool sites may have a parent questionnaire for you to fill out.
Are there any enrollment fees, and why?
Yes.  These fees are used to help cover insurance and liability coverage for your child to be in care with us. They are Non-Refundable. There will be an enrollment fee each fall and again during the summer program.  The fees vary from the on-sites and the main sites.  Once this enrollment fee is paid a “space” for your child will be guaranteed. Although our enrollment fees are charged twice a year, our total fees are lower than most schools.
What is the tuition?
All rates/tuitions can be found for each program/location on this website, or you can contact your site director for rates and more information.
Is this a preschool or daycare program?
Your child attending a facility ages 2-5 years and pre-kindergarten will be in an excellent preschool environment.  There are many activities that your child can benefit from!  They will have the opportunity to explore their environment through play, using cooking and science projects, small group activities and large group activities such as circle time and reading.  The learning and fun continues throughout the day.
Can I visit my child during the day?
Yes.  We encourage parent participation.  After checking in, you may come in to simply visit, or read to a group of children, even tag along on a field trip!  Directors will work with families as children adjust to the routines of childcare.
What qualifications are required of your staff?
  1. We strive to find those who are warm and nurturing and understand child development
  2. Those who apply their knowledge in the classroom, and respect each child as an individual
  3. We seek employees who value working as a team with parents, colleagues, and volunteer
  4. Meets all licensing requirements for the State of Colorado
  5. Each staff person has on file three written references pertaining to their character
  6. We require a CBI and/or FBI background check on every employee
  7. Must have current physical examinations (Preschool teachers and bus drivers)
  8. Written verification of previous experience
  9. Current First Aid and CPR Training (we are the only school that requires this)
  10. Training in Medication Administration
  11. OSHA training, a.k.a. Universal Precautions – renewed each year
  12. 15 hours of on-going training annually (as required by Colorado)
Will my child go on field trips?
Junior Academy Children’s Centers believes that field trips are an integral part of learning. Parents are notified in advance of such trips. The children are transported by licensed, Department of Transportation-approved school buses, driven by Commercial Driver’s Licensed drivers.
How do you ensure the health and safety of my child?
Health: In the event of illness, the parent will be notified immediately and the child will be isolated and made as comfortable as possible until the parent arrives. If the illness is contagious, then the other children will be monitored and all parents will be notified. We follow the medical guidelines for allowing a child to return to our care.  We appreciate your cooperation for the health and safety of everyone.
Injury: In the event of an injury, the child will be treated immediately and an accident report will be written, which must be signed by the parent. In the case of all head injuries, the parent will be notified. All Junior Academy Children’s Centers staff members hold current First Aid and CPR certifications. Emergency Personnel will be called if needed.
Safety: Parents are required to sign their child in and out. If not known positively by the staff member on duty, the parent will be required to show proper identification. CHILDREN WILL BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE PROGRAM WITH A PARENT OR AUTHORIZED ADULT ONLY. No child is ever left alone or unsupervised.
What type of discipline is used?
At Junior Academy Children’s Centers, we believe in setting boundaries, not building fences. Discipline will be constructive and educational in nature, such as diversion, separation from problem situations, talking with the child about the situation, and praise for appropriate behavior. The children are encouraged to be safe and respectful.
Do I have to pay for care when my child is sick or not there?
Yes.   Unless you are on daily attendance, you will need to pay for care.  If you are on a weekly attendance schedule, you will receive 10 days of vacation.  You will have 6 days of vacation if your child attends 3 days a week.  When these vacation/sick days have run out, you will be responsible for paying, even if your child is not in care. Remember, our “spaces” are very limited.
Will your Centers be closed on Snow Days?
No. Unless it snows enough to close down the city, the main sites and many on-sites will remain open with many activities to pass the time. If a program is closed, you will be informed of the alternate locations that will care for your children on school closures, late starts and early dismissal days.

  • Junior Academy and Junior Academy Small Wonders will be open and available for your child to attend on Snow Closures and Delays!
  • For District 3,8 and 11 sites, please contact your individual site for more information about care on snow days.
  • For our D-20 Programs (Chinook Trails, Academy Endeavor, Mountain View, and Pioneer) will open at 8:00 am on 2 hour delays. (If the D-20 schools close for the day, the children may go to Sunrise Church ( 2655 Briargate Blvd., By the intersection of Union and Briargate. [building =southwest corner] [door=northeast] )
  • For Imagination Academy, we run on the District 20 calendar.  We will open at 8:30am on Snow Delays and will be closed for Snow Days.  You can call either Junior Academy or Small Wonders to see if they have room for your child for the day in the event of a Snow Day and closure.
    Please tune to KKTV 11 and watch the scrolling closings info


What do you feed the children?
We strive to feed your children a variety of healthy meals.

  • Our Preschool Program meets Federal Food Guidelines
  • Substitutions will be made for children with allergies. (Severe allergies require a physician’s order of treatment and any other special instructions)
  • Any and all substitutions will remain in the same food group, and suggested portion size for your child.
  • You are welcome to review menus at any time or talk to the cook at available times.
  • Our menu is subject to change.