Widefield District 3 2024-25 Scholarship Program




Scholarship Policy for Community Members

Welcome to the 2024-25 school year in Widefield District 3. WSD3 is offering increased funding for childcare costs to better support families in the district.

Please complete the info below if you are interested in applying for the $17 per school-day scholarship for each child that you have enrolled. This Scholarship does NOT include your Enrollment Fee for the school year which is $75 for a single child or $100 for family.

If your child/children enroll in the before or after school only program, WSD3 is covering the 17 dollar per day cost for your child. This does NOT include any additional costs for late starts or early dismissals.

If your child/children enroll in the before and after school program, WSD3 is covering 17 dollars toward the daily cost for your child, and the parents are responsible for the additional 17 dollars per day to cover the additional care. The scholarship does not include day camp days which are an additional $70 per day.

There are no vacation days on scholarship and parents are expected to pay for absences in attendance throughout the school year, at the scholarship rate. This includes holidays and out of school days.

Employees of WSD3 qualify for additional benefits in scholarship. Please specify employment status with the district in the box below.

Scholarships are allotted for weekly attendance only, moving to daily attendance may impact your scholarship status.

Parents may be responsible for additional fees for items including camp field trips, late starts and early dismissals, late payment and finance fees.

Two Week Written Notice is expected for withdrawal from the program.

Scholarships are limited, and given out on a first come, first serve basis. Junior Academy will inform you as soon as possible if you have received a scholarship. A non-refundable enrollment fee will be required at that time to hold your space. We also work with CCCAP and NACCRA for families who need assistance and don’t receive a scholarship at this time.

We look forward to working with your family.